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The State of New York requires that all child performers under 18 years of age who either reside in the state of New York or work in the state of New York obtain a television work permit and UTMA/UGMA account.

A Temporary 15-Day Work Permit can be obtained on-line for the child's FIRST job only.  Parents must read and follow the directions carefully on how to obtain a one year work permit.  One year permits must be renewed in the mail or your child will not be allowed to work if he/she books another job.  

It is your sole responsibility to keep the permits current. 

New York State Department of Labor

Child Performer Center:

15 Day Temporary Permit:

One Year Permit or Renewal:

Uniform Trust to Minors accounts

UTMA stands for Uniform Trust To Minors Account.  UGMA stands for Uniform Gift To Minors Account.  Any bank can open these types of accounts for your child.  Or you can open a Blocked Trust account at the following places:

CALL (212) 869-8926 

CALL (888)-800-3328 X362


CA permits are only required for jobs that film in CA.  Do not obtain this permit until you have booked a CA job.

For information on obtaining a work permit in the state of California please visit: 

CA payroll companies also require a Coogan Minor Blocked Trust Account which can be acquired through: